Let's plan your financial success

- Hemant Bhope

Welcome to InvestSahi

Most people went to school, colleges and never learned how money works, so they spend their lives working for money.

We are the first Financial Education Group, who will help you LEARN techniques and educate you to understand the power of Money and how it works. Better, how to make it work for you.

Do we have the right guidance about money in our lives?

We may earn all our lives, however, we may not be able to achieve the wealth or the financial freedom and the reason is financial education. Just earning in your life doesn't necessarily make you wealthy. It is the right knowledge and the understanding of money workings, right financial education, right investments at the right time.

Understand that Wealth is a consequence, not a reward. You can make lots of money and still enjoy your job and sleep well at night :)

Actually creating wealth is a PLAN, not a product or procedure.


What is Wealth, Money?

It is a subject that is explored by all of us from many dimensions. It is on all our minds constantly. It is what each of us keeps thinking.

Most of us have been guided, advised, suggested, directed by our parents, relatives, friends, education systems, society and world. But, can you say for sure, that you ARE taking the right decisions about YOUR money?

Learn the rules of Good Financial Management which will keep you secure. This course will actually prove that each person has the ability to become financially secure by having better understanding and Financial knowledge.

"Our vision is to empower you to make the right financial decisions and to guide you towards achieving financial freedom.

We believe that each of us has the ability to be wealthy. We are committed and passionate to create financial awareness in the world."


With over 18 years experience, Mr. Hemant Bhope, Founder, Managing Director and Speaker of InvestSahi Money Training and Consultants Private Limited, has been a Financial Trainer, Marketing Consultant, Self made Money Management Guru and Life Coach. The insights he shares in the workshops comes from practical implementations and experiences. His workshops are transforming lives and whatever he says come from a great deal of knowledge, practicality, good judgement and wisdom.

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Sivaramaswamy Pillai

The workshop was an eye-opener. One of the greatest insights is about the power of compounding. I feel I am just in beginning of unraveling the astounding power of compounding. And I have also realized with greater awareness that Doubt and Fear are my greatest blocks.

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Reshma Chaudhary

Workshop was very interesting and I really enjoyed it. Got new friend circle. Very eager to take actions regarding my finance and personal consultation. Getting right health and life insurance is very important.

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Dolliey Kataria

Experience was wonderful and beyond the expectations. Workshop was very well and professionally organized no mess up at all. Sir and madam were very humble and kind with each one. Teachings were very simple and in natural ways no pressure and burden was given.

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Mr. Nitesh Kuhikar

I am aware of finance little bit, but not thinking that way. Now I understand what all mistakes I had done in my life.

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