What is a Contract Note?

Contract note is a legal record of a transaction which has been executed on a stock exchange through a depository participant or stock broker. Contract note is issued to confirm that a trade has been done on particular day on behalf of an investor or client on stock exchange.

Contract note provides key details of a transaction performed along with date, time, price, quantity of shares traded etc. Contract note provides reference number which can be used for checking the details of transactions with stock exchange. 

Valid Contract Note will contain below details in structured format. 

  1. SEBI Registration Number of Trading Member.
  2. Contract Note Number
  3. Trade Date
  4. Details of trader such as Name, Address, PAN number etc. 
  5. Order Number
  6. Order Time
  7. Trade Number
  8. Trade Execution Time
  9. Brokerage Charges
  10. Trade Price
  11. Traded security and Quantity
  12. Signature of the authorised signatory in digital signature in electronic format.
  13. Buy or Sell Information

Sample Contract Note

Contract Note Sample

The net amount which is receivable to you or payable by you for the trade performed for the particular day will be indicated at the bottom of the contract note.

Contract note which is shared to investors over an email is password protected as per the regulations of an exchange. The password for the contract note will be PAN number.

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